Lesser-Known Deductions You Might Be Unaware About – Expert Accountants In Thornhill Speak

Business owners are times tired of paying taxes they feel are too steep for their income. It can be disheartening to invest all the time and effort yet end up with such little profit. But, did you know that you must have missed out on some deduction?

Probably yes, most Canadian entrepreneurs are known to skip some small deductions. Deductions, which all added up and amount to a significant saving. So, today in the blog, we’re here to spread awareness. Help business owners with tax filings and also discuss little known deductions suggested by our expert accountants in Thornhill.

For home-based businesses

If you’re operating your business out of your home, it is possible to write off a portion of the rent, utilities, and other home expenses. But is only possible, if you use your home it is the principal place for your business. It should have an exclusive place for meetings with clients and customers.

Research & Development

This can seem an uphill task, but as per expert accountants in Thornhill, if you have an RnD program, you may be eligible for deductions. Showing it in the filings can be a little tricky, but try to include all or any RnD programs that your business may include.

Food & Entertainment

Yes, the CRA limits deductions to 50% of the amounts paid by businesses on food and entertainment, but you may be eligible for a lot more. Most businesses overlook a lesser-known fact. CPA allows full deduction of expenses of 6 company events a year, provided the entire staff is invited.

Promotional Materials

For small business powers, the ability to write off business promotional material as deductions can be extremely helpful. As a matter of fact, you can do this under Canadian tax laws regardless of the type and medium of promotion.

Travel Expenses

Yes, you can even include business travel expenses and enjoy a deduction. Keeping an account of the expenses can be a bit tough but with proper planning and documentation, you can easily include them while filing.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, you can also write off donations you made as deductions. It is important to be well-informed about the lesser-known rules as they can yield great benefits in the long run. I hope these tips help you accountants in Thornhill to prepare a more fool-proof filing and yield higher deductions.

Questions You Need To Ask A Tax Accountant Before Hiring

Are you looking for one of the best accountants in Richmond Hill for handling your business taxes? Then before hiring call the professional and ask for a face to face meeting before you make the final decision of hiring. Sitting in front of the professional will give you the chance to know the skills and work in a b\much better way. You will get to know how the professional deals with taxes, etc. All you need to do is ask a few questions to the accountant. And that’s it. The answers will help you to make the right choice for your business needs.

Here’re the questions you must ask to hire one of the best accountants in Richmond Hill

What services do you offer to the business firms?

Most of the accountants in Richmond Hill offer a broad spectrum of services. From managing the business accounts to monthly bookkeeping, payroll taxes, audit representation, tax preparations, etc, the best accountant will provide all. The accountant may have specialization in any of these. You need to clarify this fact as well when you are asking this question. It will help in making a better choice. Remember, your accountant must be able to manage everything related to accounts and taxes besides representing you at the tax audits.

How do you communicate? Using email, over the phone, or by any other means?

Most of the accountants in Richmond Hill use email for communication with their clients. Yet there are some who use Skype, phone, and the other modes of communication. The accountants choose their communication channels depending on their security issues. Asking this question is also important as you will be able to choose the one who uses the communication channel that suits you and your business needs.

How often will you meet and discuss the business taxes?

This is one of the key questions you cannot just forget to ask. At least a quarterly meeting is important for staying up-to-date with the taxes. If possible meet even more frequently than this. The more you meet your accountant, the more you will get to know what’s going on and everything about the tax laws.

Having a free and frank tax-related discussion with the accountant is essential before hiring. Once you start talking to the professional, you will get to know the behavior, experience, qualities, and the knowledge of the accountant. This will help you in hiring one of the best accountants in Richmond Hill.

What Are The Strategies For Perfect Tax Preparation?

Is it the time to file and do your tax return preparation for your business? If yes then no matter you prepare it all by yourself or hire the best accountant for tax returns preparation in Richmond Hill, preparing everything fulfilling all the criteria entails a lot of work. The preparer needs to follow some strategies to get it done faster and with ease.

Here’re the tips for smooth and easy corporate tax returns in Richmond Hill.

Decide you are going to fill the tax return papers: –

If you are doing it yourself, you need to be very careful and attentive so that you won’t make any mistakes. You can use any of the software used for tax returns preparation in Richmond Hill. Or else, if you are not so confident then you can just hire the best tax return preparer for the task. But, you need to hire the professional as soon as possible as the professional can get engaged during the tax season. So, hire an expert beforehand.

Get all your tax documents and other stuff together: –

You must have all the documents ready. If they are not in one place then make sure to collect all your expense lists, your business documents, your previous tax papers, income papers, etc and keep them in an organized way to present when required.

Mark your date on the calendar: –

You must remember your deadline for tax return preparation. This will help you to get things done and have everything ready before the date. And don’t forget to mention the date to your tax preparer so that the professional can work accordingly.

Make sure you have paid all your previous taxes: –

You must have paid the taxes of the previous years to proceed smoothly during the process. You may need those papers during the preparation of tax returns this year.

Keep your tax records: –

Now, you are almost at the edge of completing the process of the corporate tax return in Richmond Hill. Keep all your tax records as the proofs of filing.

These are the tips for successfully working on your tax returns preparation in Richmond Hill no matter you are doing it yourself or a professional is doing it for you.

Looking For A Professional Accountant For Tax Returns Planning In Richmond Hill?

Taxation and accounting is a complicated task. Small business owners and individuals need to have a good understanding of these so as to minimize their taxes and pay within legal limits. There are numerous local accountants available at your convenience that you can consult and seek guidance pertaining to your tax return preparation in Richmond Hill.

Why should you rely on an accountant for your tax planning?

Many of you may want to know the need of hiring an accountant and how will he. Well, to understand this, you first need to know what role an accountant plays in one’s life. An accountant generally plots all the financial papers based on your profits and losses, prepares the annual reports, tax returns. Plans the budget, and offers effective financial advice to people. In this way, the professional guides the individuals and business owners to achieve their yearly goals and obtain the best results.

2 Ways in which a professional accountant can help you

  1. Ample knowledge of local laws – This is one of the most important reasons why people rely on these professionals. Your local accountant will have plenty of knowledge of local laws depending on your country’s legislation and financial laws. He/she will be aware of all the legalities and guide you with your financial planning effectively.


  1. Reduces costs – Your local accountant will certainly guide you better with your corporate tax returns in Richmond Hill than professionals living in non-localized areas. Besides this, he/she will assist you with all the paperwork within competitive rates and get them filed within time too. As a result, you will not have to worry about the penalty costs and fines at all.

Whether you want to know how to file your taxes or perform quality business tax planning in Richmond HillYou need to take the help of a highly qualified and well-experienced tax professional. Well, you can get in touch with Mohan S Rekhi, one of the best accountants in Richmond Hill. Who has years of experience and expertise in taking care of all your accounting needs in the best way possible? You can visit www.rekhiaccounting.com for more details.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Good Accountant For Your Business?

Accountants in Markham

The reasons for which you need an accountant must be clear to you first. From giving helpful business advice to bookkeeping, etc an accountant helps you manage different aspects of your business. You need to understand the benefits of hiring any of the reliable accountants in Markham for the betterment of your business.

Here’re the reasons for hiring experienced accountants in Markham for your business.

These accountants can save your time: –

You need to hire an accountant to grow your business. Managing everything all by yourself is not possible at all when you are running a business and want to grow it. You have to invest your time in different things, right? Hiring an accountant can help you to stop worrying and working on the financial aspects of your business. Handling the finances of a growing business is not so easy. Without much experience and knowledge in finances and accounting, it won’t be so easy to deal with money matters and accounts. An accountant can help you out in keeping a record of the receipts, managing the tax returns, bookkeeping, and also setting the financial targets of your business with ease. Appointing an accountant will allow you to delegate all the time-taking tasks and pay more attention to the other important aspects of the business.

Experienced accountants have expertise in managing the taxes: –

Do you think tax returns are simple and straightforward? Then you are making a big mistake. There are several ways of reducing tax bills. You can use these ways on the tax return days as well as throughout the year. With good knowledge and years of experience, a reliable accountant can help you to slash your business tax bills and also free up your business money.

Can offer helpful business advice: –

There are many accountants in Markham who are experts in managing the finances of businesses. With a good experience, they are always able to offer good and profitable advice on business operations as well as on financial acquisitions. Experienced accountants can be considered as the financial experts who can give you advice by just looking at the numbers and figures of your accounting book. You can bring more stability to your business only if there is an accountant with you. A good accountant can be more than just a number cruncher.

With all these benefits, don’t you feel it’s the right time to hire an accountant for your business too? All you need to do is make a list of the best accountants in Markham and appoint the one who suits your business needs.